Sunday, October 17, 2010

Few more pics of the car

I just love the dash layouts of all these 70 and early 80's japanese car. This one is right up at the top, much like the Toyota Supra and Celicas with the nacelles and small pods for the extra gauges.

Nice center stack with A/C. has no vent function, just fresh or recirc with A/C on. Chrome trim around everything. And has the old "digital" clock that even shows the seconds.

Information center shows when the headlights, tailights and break lights are on... these aren't the kind of lights that show you what has burned out.

Love the little extra design element at the bottom of each stack as a place holder.

This is not the only place that these little icons appear.

Tach and speedo showing 60,228 miles. And that is what I call a survivor.

Nice set of nacelles with oil pressure, fuel, temp and voltage. Love the way they are angled to the driver and tucked in the dash like the 280z.

All this in a wagon with an automatic!

Nice shot down the side of that fab wood grain! Nothing better than a piece of Japanese Americana... is there such a thing?

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