Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A/C fixed, just in time for spring

A/C compressor had frozen up and threw the belt. Hunted down a used compressor from a junkyard on the east coast and got it for $100.

Spent saturday pulling the dead one out and putting the used one in. Tested the system for leaks and then added the good old Freon to it.

Presto! It worked like a champ. Getting the monster belt back on it proved to be quite a pain but it went back on.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Just Googled a 78 Datsun 810 wagon... and behold a posting on Hooniverse about my car.

We to be exact, this is the second posting about the 810 wagon;

before I bought it.

and after I bought it.


Got a new heater control valve from Japan just a few days ago! What a find, thanks to zman who restores Z's in Snohomish WA. Thanks to his connections I was able to get a new one shipped right to my door. Need to get it installed and back in the car to get her back on the road.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A few bits of progress

Took off the old tie rod ends. Didn't seem like there was any play in the steering but the boots were ripped.

Replaced them with new and discovered that after only 60,000 miles, there were shot. Loose as can be.

Car is out of commission right now waiting for a new heater control valve to come from Japan.

The estate seller told me it needed a new radiator since the water level would drop. Turns out it was leaking into the carpet in the car. Once the car warmed up I smelled coolant and the windows started to fog.

Drained the system and took out the heater box. Hoses were really crusty as well so replaced those too.